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Design & Build

The team at HBA brings detailed knowledge and valuable industry experience to the design, build, installation and launch process.

Whatever your requirements, if your company is establishing a new health and fitness facility, HBA can assist with any aspect of design and build, from initial build to launch operations. With experience ranging from exclusive studios and private gymnasiums, through to the planning and development of large-scale commercial operations, HBA offers the complete solution to your new build needs. The scope of our services includes business planning, development of initial business concept, design & build, procurement, product and services, staffing and personnel, sales, marketing & PR and health & safety.

Supporting the existing project team in developing fitness facilities, HBA helps ensure the completed facility not only looks good but is also operationally successful.

Through efficient working practices and liaison with all parties concerned, HBA’s approach ensures the project runs smoothly throughout and has a proven track record of delivering its projects on time and within the agreed budget.